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Roasted lamb from Adret


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h5. The meat you need to succeed your Easter menu and celebrate the beginning of Spring : Tender, tasty, full of flavour : lamb of Adret, France, a superior quality recognized by the red label selected for you by the butcher « Boucherie du Palais ». # 1. Take the meat out of the refrigerator one hour before. Preheat the oven at 240°. # 2. Mix in a bowl 5 to 6 tbsp.  of olive oil with 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, skinned, without the seed and crushed, add herbs of your choice (herbs of Provence, rosemary, thyme) add pepper. It is recommended not to salt the meat as it could have a drying effect. # 3. Brush the leg of lamb with the mixture, and add some cloves of garlic in their skin at the bottom of the oiled dish. Place the meat into the oven for 15 minutes, than lower the temperature to 200°. During cooking turn the leg of lamb and baste with its juice . Cook for 25 minutes for a rare meat. # 4. Wrap into foil paper and allow 15 minutes before carving. Advice for cooking rare, 15 minutes for 500 gr., medium about 18 minutes. h5. You can cook cut potatoes by placing them around the meat as soon as you have lowered the temperature. h5. The herbs are not included in the pack but you can add them.

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