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Our commitments

Make life easy and consume responsibly

More than a superhero

MagicTomato is deploying his SuperPowers for a healthier and greener future. But he is not alone! Just by shopping locally, you can speed up the promotion of natural, sustainable and local food in your region.

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Why order from MagicTomato?

Tailor-made local shopping
Fresh, high quality food, prepared to order the same day. Your food travels almost directly from the field to your plate!
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Green and fast delivery

Order before noon and have your groceries delivered the same evening in a 100% electric vehicle. Choose a delivery slot and if you're not home, we'll leave your groceries safely on your doorstep.

Less plastic is great!
Most of the food is packaged in bulk and delivered in reusable bags to avoid disposable waste. The bags provided without a deposit (value 15.-/bag, 20.-/iso) ensure an ideal refrigeration chain.

Our goals

Federating 700 artisans by the end of 2024
The short circuits set up by MagicTomato make it possible to support the craftsmen of your region and to perpetuate their activity and their know-how.
Goal 2030: zero carbon emissions!

More than generating profits, we aim to have a positive impact on society and the planet with the goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2030.

Elimination of food waste
MagicTomato's short circuit organisation ensures that most fresh produce is made to order, eliminating almost all food waste.

100% Natural, local and transparent

Everything you see on MagicTomato is available. However, it is possible that the artisans are unexpectedly out of stock. In this case, your superhero will always try to find a solution. Delivery is free of charge (min. CHF60.- order). The bags are provided without a deposit and are exchanged with each new delivery. We will come to your home to collect the bags if no order is expected in the next 3-4 weeks.


Our Super-Challenges

We strive to offer you a stable and seasonal supply. Sometimes your favourite foods are not available locally, so we temporarily source them from European producers, in line with our quality and sustainability criteria. MagicTomato has taken the decision to offer you certain products that are not from Switzerland but are part of our eating habits: coffee, bananas, oranges, etc. Most of these products are offered under the organic and FairTrade labels (or any other quality label).

Our regions and ecosystems

Fast and free delivery! Order before noon and your MagicTeam will deliver free of charge the same evening in the following 4 ecosystems: Geneva-Nyon, Lausanne-Riviera-Morges, Fribourg-Berne-Thun and Jura-Yverdon-Bienne-Neuchâtel. And soon even more!

from Geneva to Gland through Nyon

from La Côte to La Riviera through Lausanne

from Fribourg to Thun through Berne

from Jura, Yverdon, Bienne through Neuchâtel

Fairness in our approach

MagicTomato applies fair prices for users and artisans, which is why we do not offer any bargain prices. We reallocate the vast majority of your shopping to local artisans. Also, a fair wage policy has been put in place for all members of your MagicTeam, who are responsible for preparing and delivering your groceries.

B Corp certified

We contribute to change the world with concrete actions: ecological and fair approach, inclusive policy. We are committed to making a difference and our efforts have been rewarded by obtaining the B Corp label.

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