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Cold GRTA cucumber soup

300 kcal
10 min

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about the recipe

h4. Perfect recipe for hot days ! A light and refreshing soup prepared with GRTA cucumbers and Geneva GRTA yogurts. # 1. Wash and peel the cucumber,cut into 2 halves lengthwise, remove the pips with a small spoon. # 2. In a mixer place the cucumber cut into pieces, (if you wish you can add a clove of crushed garlic), the juice of half a lemon, 2 tbsp of olive oil. # 3. Mix, add 2 natural yogurts, salt, pepper and about 15 mint leaves washed and finely cut. Mix until an even texture. (If you find it too thick, you can add a little water). # 4. Taste and rectify seasoning if necessary. # 5. Place in the refrigerator for an hour or two. h5. Serve very cold on a plate or in a glass, decorate with a thin slice of cucumber and a mint leaf. h5. Note: olive oil is not included in the pack, but available on the website.

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